Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Oman


Oman has one of the most vibrant cultures in human history, and it exudes an exotic, distinctive, and very different vibe from the rest. Humanity is believed to have its roots here since 8,000 years ago, as evidenced by centuries-old human civilisation remnants discovered. You will be amazed to know this about Oman, but Oman established itself as the first Arab state on the Arabian Peninsula.

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Oman

  1. King After King, Without A Break

The first fact we want to share with you about Oman is that the Al Said family has ruled continuously for the past three centuries, making them the longest-reigning royal family in all of Arabia. The Sultan serves as both the monarch and the head of state. He has total control over every aspect of his kingdom.

  1. Numerous Historic Souqs

These are huge markets that stretch for miles at a time. They have quickly established a reputation on the global market for the accessibility and simplicity of purchasing various goods, from handicrafts to food to jewellery. There are many souqs in Oman, but the most well-known ones are in Muttrah, Nizwa, Hibri, and Al Husn. Because of this fact about Oman, you’ll want to add these souks to your itinerary for Oman.

  1. Whitewashed Buildings and Homes

One is bound to lose track of which neighbourhood they are in when surrounded by so many white-painted structures and homes. Any design, from office buildings to shopping centres, is whitewashed, and any other colour requires prior permission from the government with sufficient justification; This enhances the flawless beauty that Oman’s nation presents to you. You probably didn’t know this about Oman, did you?

  1. Oil Exports

On the list of oil exporters, the Omani position is relatively high. It is surrounded by a sizable oil reserve that will undoubtedly last for several centuries. Oil Reserves and the rapidly expanding tourism sector are the main contributors to Oman’s GDP, covering and taking care of all of the state’s expenses. Oman aims to obtain many incentives for its citizens, including the exclusion of taxes. Does Oman’s lack of taxes make you want to work there?

  1. Incredible Shipbuilders

This is great information about Oman: The sea partially surrounds Oman, so an Omani has it in his blood to build great ships. The fact that Omanis have produced vessels that have stood the test of time is evidence of their mastery of this art. Omanis have improved this craft over time and have created some of the most significant naval ships that have been praised for their versatility.

  1. Licence For Drinking Alcohol

If you are an alcoholic, you will not like this information about Oman.

There are strict laws in Oman that must be adhered to regarding the sale of alcohol in the nation. Infringing on these laws constitutes transgressing the Islamic code of conduct, which is punishable by a severe response that may include imprisonment and a sizable fine.

Most five-star hotels and restaurants with a valid licence serve alcohol.