The Cutting-Edge Solutions Center of The Biotech Company Illumina Is Now Open in Dubai

Cutting-Edge Solutions Center of The Biotech Company Illumina Is Now Open in Dubai

Illumina Is Now Open in Dubai

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Illumina, a leader in DNA sequencing and array-based technologies, has opened its brand-new, cutting-edge Solutions Center.

Genomics For Improving Human Health

The company’s investment and support in the UAE are increased with the opening of the Solutions Center in Dubai, which could lead to a significant expansion of genomics for improving human health.

Building genomics expertise will aid in developing capabilities for healthcare professionals and others to deliver genomic precision medicine to patients on a large scale.

The UAE’s desire to strengthen its world-class healthcare system by funding genomics research served as the foundation for Illumina’s decision to relocate the facility there. It also results from Illumina’s dedication to influencing the direction of healthcare in the UAE and forging successful alliances with the nation.

CCO of Illumina Statement

Susan Tousi, the CCO of Illumina, said that Illumina opened its Solutions Center in the UAE because they see a huge opportunity to strengthen their already solid relationships with the nation’s health and technology ministries, scientists, and medical personnel in the area. Thanks to a committed team representing the entire Illumina ecosystem, they deliver more value to their channel partners and customers in the area. She added that they appreciated the UAE government’s support and felt honoured to work with it as it moved toward the genome era.

What Does the Solutions Center Offer?

The over 9,100 square foot Solutions Center houses the most recent next-generation sequencing and array technologies in a fully stocked laboratory and is fully staffed with field application and service engineers to provide Illumina’s partners and customers with a wide range of genomics capabilities.

The centre will offer instruction and support to Illumina’s expanding network of regional channel partners to improve local technical proficiency and access to genomics.

About Illumina

Illumina is a market leader in developing, producing, and marketing integrated systems and tools for large-scale genetic variation and function analysis. These systems are making it possible to conduct previously unthinkable studies and bring personalised medicine closer to reality. Offering solutions that are not only cutting-edge but flexible, scalable, and backed by industry-leading support and service is essential, given the rapid pace of technological advancement.

They work hard to meet this challenge by emphasising teamwork, quick delivery of solutions, and satisfying the needs of THEIR clients.

Numerous prestigious academic, biotechnology, government, pharmaceutical, and other international organisations are among their clients.

Illumina’s Mission

Illumina’s mission is to use cutting-edge technologies to analyse genetic variation and function.

Their business depends on providing innovative, flexible, and scalable solutions to meet the needs of their clients. They work to meet this challenge as a global company that values rapid solution delivery, cooperative interactions, and the highest level of quality.

Innovative sequencing and array technologies developed by Illumina are driving forward ground-breaking advances in life science research, molecular diagnostics, and translational and consumer genomics.